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Wicuhkemtultine Kinship Community & Learning Center

Wicuhkemtultine  (pronounced: we juke um toll tena) means “let’s help one another.” It is a philosophy of caring for one another according to traditional Wabanaki kinship principles. It recognizes that we are more resilient and secure when we work together, and that we have greater access to our creative intelligence when we collaborate and cooperate with one another.  The community is formed around this core philosophy of caring for one another, supporting one another’s desire to live in greater balance with Mother Earth, and uplifting the life-affirming work that each community member is providing to heal our collective wounds.

Wicuhkemtultine Kinship Community

Is an intentional Community of Indigenous rights, social justice, and climate justice advocates and educators. The community is designed to be an Eco-Village with active food forestry and restorative agriculture programs, and medicinal plant gardens. 

Learning & Retreat Center


The learning and retreat center will be a teaching space for members of the community and invited guests. It will offer the following type of programs:


  • Workshops & Classes on all aspects of living in good relationship, with all beings and with Mother Earth. 

  • Wabanaki Spiritual/Cultural Events. 

  • Matriarchal/Matricultural Studies. 

  • Mothering Economy Scholarship.