About Us

The Land Peace Foundation (LPF) is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Indigenous way of Life, which includes: protection and preservation of Indigenous land, water, religious and/or spiritual rights; proliferation of cultural and traditional practices; strengthening of kinship roles, and; preservation of ceremonial ways of being. LPF provides a wide range of cultural, educational and spiritual programs and is committed to being an objective resource for information on a variety of issues and concerns related to Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

The Land Peace Foundation works to address ongoing threats to cultural survival for Indigenous Peoples. We seek to eliminate the likelihood that indigenous peoples will be thrust into violent conflict; forcibly removed from their lands; stripped of their rights and/or resources; denied access and meaningful interaction with vital sacred places, or; experience loss of connection to historical and emerging cultural practices. We do this by addressing threats as they arise, and by providing programs that help to foster Indigenous leadership and promote the Indigenous way of life.